Support Jacksum

You can support Jacksum in several ways:

1) Recommend this software to your friends

2) Find and report bugs and feature requests. Please go to and click on "New Issue"

3) If you have a GitHub account, go to and give Jacksum a star. You find the star in the upper right corner of the GitHub project page.

4) If you are a developer, you may also want to fork the repo on GitHub. Go to and click on "Fork".

5.) If you want to give me a tip, my money box is here. Thank you :-)

Get Support

1) Please make sure that you are using the latest Java Runtime Environment and the latest release of Jacksum.

2) Read the FAQs.

3) Read the manpage of Jacksum and check whether you can solve your problem with the documentation.

4) Still need support? Please go to and click on "New Issue".

5) Follow the instructions of all four steps above. If you still have a question, drop me a private email.  I read all emails, but due to the amount of emails I get, I only reply if you write explicitly that you want to get a reply: "I would like to get a reply on this email."

6) Read the section Support Jacksum above