Installation of Jacksum for the command line on OS X

1. Go to and install the latest Java Runtime Environment, see also requirements, if a suitable JRE does not exist already on the computer.

2. Download and unzip the file called

   cd Downloadverzeichnis

3. Start Jacksum in a terminal by typing

   cd Installationfolder
   java -jar jacksum.jar

4. In order to start Jacksum with more comfort from any directory


you have to modify the launch script that is part of the distribution and place it in a folder that is reachable within your PATH environment variable. Also make sure that the user has execute permissions on the file (man chmod). Alternatively you can set also an alias (e. g. alias jacksum="java -jar "<path to jacksum.jar>"/jacksum.jar)

Jacksum auf der Kommandozeile unter OS X
5. Examples

Examples can be found in the manpage that you can see by tying:

   $ jacksum -h en examples