Integration of Jacksum in the Windows Explorer

Download the Jacksum File Browser Integration for Windows and execute the installer that is contained in that package. The installer will install the most used features of Jacksum for the Windows Explorer. Also any other file manager that use the Microsoft SendTo Standard API will benefit from this feature such as the Explorer++ (GPL), the FreeCommander (Freeware) or the Multi Commander (Freeware).

Jacksum Windows Explorer Integration

During the installation also an uninstaller is created which can be used to remove the feature again. Both the installer and uninstaller doesn't touch the registry.

Jacksum in Aktion

Simply select files at the Windows Explorer, click on the right mouse button and select a Jacksum menu entry from the "Send To" menu to calculate and verify CRCs, hashes and fingerprints.

Hint: Select Start -> Run -> shell:sendto -> OK and you see your individual sendto-folder with all the shortcuts. Remove unused shortcuts from the sendto-folder in order to decrease the number of items at the sendto-menu.

Jacksum Send To on Windows